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Welcome to IRSP: The Central Hub of The IR Community In Pakistan.

This community of IR specialists was founded in 2014 to provide an integrated platform for the exchange of IR-related research and procedures, both locally and globally. IR as a minimally invasive procedure, has been actively pursued in Pakistan since 1990s, post the influx of patients requiring the treatment and the global popularity of the subspecialty.

It is an honor for our IR specialists to have been able to recognize and pursue timely, the massive potential IR has of transforming the field of medicine. While doing so, IR has improved tremendously the standard of care of our patients. IRSP has played a vital role in enabling IR specialists to lay down the groundwork for amalgamating IR technology and techniques with other clinical fields. This has allowed IR to become an integral cog in the overall machinery of the healthcare system in Pakistan.
initiated collaboration with various International IR Societies.

In the past IRSP has held multiple international conferences and domestic workshops to bring together specialists from different fields and countries for the purpose of integration and knowledge management. Additionally, society has a strong focus on ensuring that new professionals entering the field of medicine have sound knowledge and easy access to training in this subspecialty. To this end, the society has initiated collaboration with various international IR societies.

Dr Tanveer ul haq


Dr. Muhammad Fiaz

Chair Person IRSP 2024

Dr Imran Syed

Co-Chair Person IRSP 2024

Dr. Zahid Amin Khan


Dr. Kashif Shazlee

Scientific Chair, IRSP